The Departed (2006): Madolyn Hears the Tape


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The clip Madolyn hears the tape from The Departed (2006)

I hope I won't have to remind you...
...that if you don't find this cheese-eating rat bastard in your department... can assume it won't be me who pays for it.
Now, why would you have to remind me of that?
Would I...? Would I be any good at what I do if I didn't fucking already know that?
Frank, you gotta trust me. I can get the rat.
You just gotta let me do it my way, Frank.
Just let me do it. Let me do what I do.
Hey, it fucking involves lying and I'm pretty fucking good at that. Right?
We got a cop in my crew.
Yeah, I know.
I'm kind of getting that feeling too.
He's one of yours. Inside.
You seen anything?
I got no access to Queenan's undercover files. He and Dignam run the snitches.
I'm doing my...
You know what, I thought I was the liar.
Hey, I can explain that!
Costello recorded everything.

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