The Departed (2006): Undercover People


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The clip Undercover people from The Departed (2006) with Matt Damon, Alec Baldwin

Staff Sergeant Dignam is our liaison to the undercover section.
His undercover work is extensive.
He's here to give us his report. Sergeant Dignam.
Okay, my people are out there.
They're like fucking Indians. You're not gonna see them.
You'll hear about them through me or Captain Queenan.
You will not ever know the identity of undercover people.
Unfortunately, this shithole has more leaks than the Iraqi navy.
Fuck yourself.
I'm tired from fucking your wife.
How's your mother?
Tired from fucking my father.
Good. Today, girls...
...what I have is microprocessors.
Somebody, as you may already know, stole 20 microprocessors...
...from the Mass Processor Company out on Route 128.
These are the kind they put into computers...
...that could put a cruise missile up the ass of a camel...
...from a couple hundred miles away.
These pieces of plastic are worth about 100 grand apiece.
We got a guy working for the company two months...
...walks out the door with a box of processors on Tuesday...
...has a ticket for Florida on Wednesday...
...but on Thursday, he gets found in a Dumpster.
You know where that dirtball started his life?
Southie projects.
What was his name, the departed?
Myles Kennefick.
Got the job with a forged UMass transcript. UMass, Boston...
... which happens to...
South Boston?
Oh, you're a fucking genius. Who forged your transcript, dickhead?
His old man runs the Hibernian Liquor Mart. Kennefick's.
We're not here to solve the case of the missing scumbag.
We're here to nail Costello.
All right, look. We got a guy...
...says Costello's moving the processors to China.
He set up the whole fucking job and popped Kennefick.
You do not want to miss it if Costello takes a dump.
We'd miss less if you made your informants available to us and the Bureau.
Without asking for too many details, do you have anyone in with Costello now?
Maybe. Maybe not.
Maybe fuck yourself.
My theory on Feds is they're like mushrooms.
Feed them shit and keep them in the dark.
You girls have a good day.
Normally he's a very nice guy.
Don't judge him from this meeting alone.

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