The Departed (2006): Not a Cop


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The clip Not a cop from The Departed (2006) with Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon

You remember that. What a night.
I got, like...
Like 30,000 bucks, right? Insurance money.
You know, after my mother passed and everything.
In your line of work, if I gave you..., what, say, 10,000, what could I get back?
You know what you...
You know what you usually say at these moments.
What? What?
Come on, man.
Oh, come on, you fucking moron. Come on.
What, you want me to say it?
I'm not a cop, all right?
I'm your fucking cousin.
You're bad.
You corrupt fuck, man. You must be my cousin.
Fucking Ricans think they know everything.
If they knew shit, they wouldn't be Puerto Ricans.
R is for Ricans P is for pigs
Would you shut the fuck up for five seconds, huh?
That's right. You used to be a cop.
When we're working together just limit it to two eight-balls an hour.
We're not even supposed to be doing this shit this close to Worcester.
This side of Worcester.
Says who?
Says him. Says Costello.
God says, as far as you're...

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