The Departed (2006): The Boston Mob


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The clip The Boston Mob from The Departed (2006) with Alec Baldwin

...Tommy Costigan, is another goof. He gets busted selling guns... federal officers, among many, many, many other departures...
... from our normative behavior.
And what's this got to do with me?
Why are you pretending to be a cop?
This unit is new, and you are the newest members of it.
You have been selected for it on the basis of intelligence and aptitude.
This is an elite unit.
Our job is to smash or marginally disrupt...
...organized crime in this city... enhanced cooperation with the FBI...
...represented here today by Agent Frank Lazio.
And we will do it.
And by organized crime in this city, you know who we mean.
That's Jackie Costigan. That's an old picture.
Jackie met his demise.
Last known photograph.
Costello uses three key guys.
That's Fitzy. Off-the-boat psycho, lives in Brockton with his mother.
She's straight out of Going My Way.
Delahunt, muscle.
French, the number one. But of course, the rock star, you-know-who.
We've done a briefing book, so read up. I want all ideas... I can pass them off as my own.
Work hard, you'll rise fast. You're in the best possible position... the department. Let's go to work.

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