Sade (2000): Sensible's Secret Visit


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The clip Sensible's Secret Visit from Sade (2000)

Did I hear a knock?
Come with me. Right now.
Follow me. Don't argue.
Another ditch?
The first was full.
How many?
At least 500.
This is a special favor.
Don't reveal it, or you're done for.
Don't leave here. I'll come for you.
You stopped coming.
They wouldn't let me.
Even before, you stopped.
How are you?
I lost a tooth. It hurts.
It may be an abscess.
You must get out. That's why I'm here.
I don't know.
I'll find a way for you to escape.
To go where?
We'll see.
Listen, you're in danger, personally.
I wrote the Committee again.
To tell them what?
That you're not noble? That you didn't write Justine?
It's no use now. You have to escape.
I'm a good republican.
You have some bizarre ideas.
I have a toothache.
There are a hundred ways to vanish.

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