Sade (2000): Arriving At Picpus Convent


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The clip Arriving At Picpus Convent from Sade (2000)

Lancris, my friend!
I feared the worst, but you're here!
At what price!
I expected you without realizing it.
Hello, Emilie.
Poor child. This is her youth.
The Duchess de Villars Brancas is here!
The guillotine didn't kill off the species.
You'd exterminate it?
How you said that!
I've saved many a head in the Pike Section!
You took part?
Why not?
History in the making is beautiful.
Come, Emilie!
I'm not to speak to you.
I'll speak for two.
I know.
Your warm welcome touches me...
You're a special case.
Meals are served in the common room.
Dinners are allowed in your rooms,
but you'd have to pay the caterer.
It's high.
I counted 72 steps.
You're down at the end.
Citizen Coignard.
You must let me speak to you.
I told your husband, board isn't free.

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