Sade (2000): Preparing For Fete


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The clip Preparing For Fete from Sade (2000)

Slower, he can't keep up.
You'll meet Robespierre.
You'll see what my life is like.
You'll be moved.
Your friends shed a lot of blood.
We must cut deep to draw out evil.
Think of all we've done in a few months.
Here we'll have 100 little girls, and as many boys and old men.
All singing odes. Care to hear one?
A huge Phrygian bonnet will cover the chateau dome.
The amphitheater is being built.
You descend the steps with a bouquet of cornflowers,
ears of corn and poppies.
Every Convention deputy should have one.
A dummy will represent Atheism.
You take the torch, set it aflame.
The Statue of Wisdom appears from below.
Then onward to the Champs de Mars. You walk 10 feet ahead of the deputies.
Why alone? We walk together.
But you preside the Convention.
Hello, Etienne.
Maximilien... This is my companion, Citizen Quesnet.
Your son?
Yes, citizen.
Your Fournier is a good republican.
He's not afraid to perform his duty.
Will you attend the Fete of the Supreme Being?
She'll attend.
It will be a fete like no other. A fatal blow to atheism.
Don't cry victory yet.
Atheism is a vice of the mind.
Born of the aristocracy, it still distills its poison.

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