Sade (2000): Preparing For A Play


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The clip Preparing For A Play from Sade (2000)

"Each nation has its laws, culture, virtues,
"which its neighbor dares to abuse.
"We condemn your manner, admonish your customs
"and you heap on ours nothing but opprobrium."
You'll make progress.
Help him.
Not easy.
He's utterly devoted to you.
Sew, sew! We also need turbans.
We'll run out of cloth!
Cut up your old dresses.
Actor and painter... What diverse talents!
You were tempting me.
Your buttocks are as soft as lilacs.
What am I doing here?
I've cast you in a towering role.
The Grand Eunuch.
The Grand Eunuch.
His ugliness makes him cruel and calculating,
but he wields great political influence.
Paying a visit?
The young captive would have suited you.
I couldn't.
If I dared to force you, it would reflect my reputation.
Look at the chevalier.
His every gesture is graceful.
Don't you find him charming?
He doesn't do anything for me.
True, he couldn't do you any harm.
No one here appeals to you?
Apart from me, I'm an old galleon about to sink.
But it's spring, everything's rising.
Don't wilt away like a nun.
You prefer Augustin's vigor. Like a horse's!
What did I say? Nothing but niceties.
I was worried, waiting since Tuesday.
Hello, son.
Hello, Father.
I brought what you wanted...

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