Sade (2000): Sensible Visits Sade


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The clip Sensible Visits Sade from Sade (2000)

Did you study well?
Yes, Father.
You wouldn't say you didn't.
They changed Arithmetic.
Those outdated notions had to go.
It's hard to understand.
The trials and errors of new learning.
Let's see this top.
Observe this physical phenomenon.
You have to spin it to keep it on its tip.
You try. Spin it.
That's it. Keep it up.
My Holbach!
I also brought you paper and quills.
Are they sharpened?
These are fine.
4 quills. You brought me 4 books and it's the 4th of the month.
Will I be here 4 days or 4 years?
Always your figures!
Numbers, not figures.
I drew up a list of what I need.
Vanilla cream, nougat, candied fruit,
brandy from Mayence, the finest...
Veal cutlets,
thick alpaca sheets... These are coarse.
Where'll I find all that?
You'll manage.
Can you believe I'm happy here?
A select society, charming women.
Of course, they cold-shoulder me,
but I'll set them on their ass.
Will you come see me every day?
I won't be allowed to.
You're all undone.
It's scandalous to arouse poor folks.
Is this how you visit deputies like Fournier?

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