The Rundown (2003): Travis Gets a Boat


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The clip travis gets a boat from The Rundown (2003) with Seann William Scott, Rosario Dawson

I found these flowers growing in the deepest parts of the jungle.
I mean, as far as I can tell, no one's ever identified them...
...which means I'm responsible for naming them.
I can only think of one word that fits something so beautiful.
How much do you want?
How much?
I need your uncle's boat. A day or two, max. Mariana...
You borrow my car, bring it back with no windshield.
My brother's scooter...
That wasn't my fault.
Now you want to borrow my uncle's boat?
"I found it, I found it." You'll never find this Garbo of yours.
It's "Gato," I told you.
It's out there, Mariana. I know exactly where it is.
But I need that boat.
How much?
I told you, l... No. How much is your Gato worth?
This is a very significant academic find.
How much?
It's not about money.
You lie like a little girl, Travis.
I'm not lying.
If I get the boat for you, you have to take me with you.
Ridiculous. We're talking about a boat.
And we split the take 50-50.
I've been doing all the work, okay?
I found it. No way.
50-50, Travis.
50-50, and I get off work at 6. Then we can go and get your Gato.
You're evil.
Thank you.
Whatever. For the flowers.

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