The Rundown (2003): Travis Returns


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The clip travis returns from The Rundown (2003) with Rosario Dawson

You make a hell of an entrance, Mr. Beck.
I'd offer you a beer, but I think you blew up my bar.
Yeah, I think you're right.
Thank you.
We had a deal.
Yes, we did.
And I'm afraid I didn't deliver on that deal.
How is that?
The Gato.
I promised you the Gato.
Yes, well, I promised you Travis.
You all talking about this Travis?
And this Gato?
I'm impressed. Yeah, well, make sure they spell my name right.
I told you it wasn't about the money.
Well, big boy...
...I guess it's your move.
I'm impressed myself, Travis.
Declan, start the plane.
"Declan, start the plane"? What does that mean?
I'm taking you home.
Oh, I figured that. No breaks. Good luck.
You too.
I will send you your cut.
Not a penny less than 15.6 million.
Move, Travis.

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