The Rundown (2003): Final Showdown Part 2


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The clip final showdown Part 2 from The Rundown (2003) with Christopher Walken

You got the moves.
I'll give you that.
You reached into the wrong refrigerator, Mr. Beck.
Hold your horses.
What have I done?
Are we not men?
Option A is still on the table. You can walk away right now.
Option A doesn't work for me.
Before I came here, what did you people have?
Face it. Be fair.
I put a roof over your head, coin in your pockets.
You barefoot Indians didn't have pockets...
...before Hatcher came along.
I gave you a life! I'm the heart in the darkness.
Face it... can't run this thing without me.
I am pumping the blood of the modern world...

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