The Rundown (2003): Beck Drugs the Boss


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The clip beck drugs the boss from The Rundown (2003)

Well, look at him.
Look at you. Your beard. You're like a real man.
But you're so thin.
Running is good exercise.
Good exercise. That's funny. Did you hear him? Running for your life.
I love it. I really do!
You know there's not enough aspirin in the world...
...for a headache like you?
Well, there probably is.
But I understand what you mean.
Well, that's good.
Because that means you'll understand why you'll take that trip to Chicago.
Actually, I don't completely understand that one.
Still the smart-ass.
I'm not that smart, Dad.
I didn't know she was married.
Well, she was.
Very married.
And you. What took you so long, huh?
Your kid was a tough rundown, Billy.
Him? No.
Yeah, yeah.
But I did walk him right through that door, right? Like we agreed?
You did.
We good?
We're good. Two hundred and fifty large.
You got your restaurant, kid.
Now get out of here, huh?
Before I leave... When I was in Brazil, they showed me this ritual they do...
...when they have big celebrations.
What they do is, they eat this fruit, and it's called konlabos, with a K.
So I figured before I leave, we could celebrate one last time.

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