The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (2000): False Accusation Part 2


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The clip false accusation Part 2 from The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (2000) with Thomas Gibson, Mark Addy

...who stole Wilma's pearls.
A desperate man, drowning in gambling debts.
Doesn't anybody care about this whole, dinosaurs becoming extinct, thing?
Would you mind emptying your pockets?
You think I stole Wilma's pearls? That's-
Why, do you have something to hide?
Definitely not! See for yourself.
Wait a minute. I didn't take these.
Wilma, why would I take your pearls?
Do you deny you owe the casino over a million clams and can't pay it back?
Fred, is that true?
Yeah, but...
Wilma, darling, I'm so sorry.
Wilma, you can't believe him! He set me up!
Security, take this man to jail!
You're coming with us.
Wait a minute! Wait a minute!
You're all making a big mistake.
Fred couldn't have stolen that necklace. It was locked up in a safe.
He can't even remember the combination to his bowling locker.
He's got to write it down on his hands.
Oh, great! Now everybody's seen it!
Crack a safe? He couldn't even crack his knuckles without my help.
Thank you, Mr. Rubble, for confessing to being Mr. Flintstone's accomplice!
You're welcome.
Take them both away!
I'm innocent!
Everybody gamble!

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