The Moon and the Stars (2007): Sex Scene


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The clip sex scene from The Moon and the Stars (2007)

If we don't get it today,
we don't get it at all.
Daisy, where is everybody?
Mr. Molnar,
Kristina has a question.
Oh, yes.
Well, this is just an intimate scene
between you and Cavaradossi.
So I
I cleared the set.
Meine liebe, this is an intimate love scene.
I want the audience to see
what your Cavaradossi sees.
Ohh. Like what?
You naked in bed with Liguori.
Not completely naked, just...
your top half.
And you really think
this will help the picture?
You know, Daisy,
the funny thing is they don't seem to know
that before being in movies,
I worked in a cabaret in Berlin.
Thank you.
Are you married, Daisy?
I was, to an Italian.
But, um, it didn't work out.
Do you have any children?
They're safe in England with my mother.
Have you ever noticed
that men can fight the bloodiest wars,
but at the first sight of a dirty nappy,
they scarper.
Yes, I have noticed that.
So how long have you known Mr. Clavel?
Jamie? Oh, for years.
We've made three movies together.
He's a good man, despite-
no, because of his vices.
He pretends that he-
that he doesn't care, but...
it's not true.

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