The Moon and the Stars (2007): Arranging Davide's Departure


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The clip arranging davide's departure from The Moon and the Stars (2007)

Cara, you look beautiful.
Espresso, please. Two.
Do you have your passport?
Did you get your visa?
Yes, sir.
It's not a joke.
I found out your name is already on the next list
for precautionary arrest.
Precautionary arrest? What's that?
We're about to go to war.
You're not trusted.
If you're lucky, they'll boot you out.
Why me?
1, you are a Jew.
2, you're a homosexual.
3, your film crew
contained one known Bolshevik.
You haven't forgotten Marchesini.
And if that is not enough,
you have an Englishman in a starring role,
a Hungarian director-
The Hungarians are our friends.
Yes. But are you sure
Molnar doesn't have some Jews in his family?
We only have a few more days of principal photography.
Just a few more days, then the film is finished.
No. You will be finished if you don't get out now.
Don't you understand?
If you stick around,
you will end up in jail,
or worse.
It's as bad as can be.
So you will leave tomorrow morning at 9:12 for Milan.
I reserved a place for you,
You will arrive at 5:25
at Central Station.
At 7:10, you'll get
the connection for Chiasso.
When you arrive in Lugano,
call your friend Kunz.
That's it.
Why are you doing this for me?

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