The Moon and the Stars (2007): James and Kristina


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The clip james and kristina from The Moon and the Stars (2007)

I just wanted to say
I'm very happy to be working with you.
Oh, thank you.
I hate drinking orange juice,
but it's better than standing here
empty-handed, hmm?
And, uh, I'd better tell you
before anybody else does.
I'm a part-time alcoholic,
full-time morphine addict.
Is that what they call the English humor?
Yeah. Yeah, it could be,
except that it's true.
No. Sorry. I don't get it. Uh,
this is embarrassing for me.
Oh, God, don't be embarrassed.
No, I'm never embarrassed,
except at having to work in movies.
Why do it, then?
The money, dear. The money!
You're shocked!
I'm just trying to make conversation.
Now, what I really like is the theater.
You know? Being on stage?
It's a passion.
It's being alive!
Mmm? Ha ha.
No, no. Anybody can do movies.
You should have seen my Richard III.
Audience were with me all the way.
Managed to shake them off at the station.
Ah, God. Movies are second best at best.
You don't like film!
Oh, God. What's to like?
Well, it's the art of the people!
No. People? God-
Frankly, meeting you
has been a great disappointment.
Thank you-

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