The Moon and the Stars (2007): Fitting Wardrobes


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The clip fitting wardrobes from The Moon and the Stars (2007)

Well, I can take half an inch off the hem,
and, ooh, tighten this waistband,
get rid of these bloody wrinkles.
Lengthen it an inch here.
Only the front. The back's all right.
Well, I'm glad something's right.
What do you think? Hm?
It's a bit tight, but I'll lose weight.
Jamie Clavel, you old tosspot.
Daisy, you horse's ass.
Good God. Mmmm!
Haven't seen you since when?
The Return of Sexton Blake!
Another British film classic.
Closer! Closer. Here-
What are you doing in this hellhole?
Working. You get it when and where you can.
Yeah. Europe's a dangerous place to be, you know?
I'm English. They wouldn't dare touch me.
I wouldn't count on it, dear.
Would you have a drink later?
Yes, I think it's fine.
And we can break it down a bit.
Now can we see you with James?
Yes, of course.
What have you heard of a young man
called Marcantonio Altieri?
Everyone in Rome's heard of Master Altieri.
Yes, well, he's pestering me.
He follows me everywhere in his car.
I don't know what to do.
I should accept his devotion as a mystic offer.
His gifts will shortly follow.
I don't want his gifts.
He's there again.
I have to get out of here.
Come with me.
I am the master of evasion.

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