The Moon and the Stars (2007): Wrap Party


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The clip wrap party from The Moon and the Stars (2007)

Are you leaving for London tomorrow?
Yeah. I'm going by Luce
and picking up transport there.
Would you mind if I tagged along?
There are no plane or train reservations left
till Thursday.
And I've got a gut feeling that, you know,
the sooner we Brits clear out, the better.
Well, welcome aboard, Daisy.
You did a marvelous job on this film, Laszlo.
Thanks. That means a lot to me.
You know, I'm catching a train to Switzerland
first thing in the morning.
You left it bloody late, Davide. You know that?
Yes, I know, I know.
But I wanted to see the end of the film.
I know.
People like us have celluloid for blood and brains.
We risk our lives for just one more shot.
Well done.
So it's all over.
Uh, frankly, I'm amazed they got this far.
Well, it was worth it.
I hope so.
God, look at all these people.
So close for months,
never see each other again.
Don't leave me alone tonight, James.
It's too late for us, Kristina.
We'll be far away tomorrow.
I don't care what happens tomorrow.

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