Bride of Frankenstein (1935): Experiment with the Heart


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The clip experiment with the heart from Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

Mind the steps. They're a bit slimy, I expect.
I think it's a charming house.
It is interesting to think that once upon a time
we should have been burnt at the stake as wizards for this experiment.
Doctor, I think the heart is beating.
Look. It's beating.
But the rhythm of the beat is uneven.
Increase the saline solution.
Is there any life yet?
No, not life itself yet.
This is only the simulacrum of life.
This action only responds when the current is applied.
We must be patient. The heart is more complex than any other part of the body.
Look. The beat is increasing.
It's stopped.
Shall I increase the current?
This heart is useless.
I must have another. And it must be sound and young.
You must go to your friend at the accident hospital.

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