Bride of Frankenstein (1935): Mary Shelley's Story Part 2


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The clip Mary Shelley's story Part 2 from Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

No wonder Murray's refused to publish the book. His public would be shocked.
It will be published, I think.
Then, darling, you will have much to answer for.
The publishers did not see that my purpose was to write a moral lesson
of the punishment that befell a mortal man who dared to emulate God.
Whatever your purpose was, I take great relish in savouring each separate horror.
I roll them over on my tongue.
Don't, Lord Byron. Don't remind me of it tonight.
What a setting in that churchyard to begin with!
The sobbing women, the first clod of earth o"n the coffin. That was a pretty chill."
Frankenstein and the dwarf stealing the body out of its new-made grave.
Cutting the hanged man down from the gallows, where he swung in the wind.
The cunning of Frankenstein in his mountain laboratory,
picking dead men apart and building up a human monster
so fearful and so horrible that only a half-crazed brain could have devised.
And then the murders, the little child who "drowned.

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