Bride of Frankenstein (1935): Dr Pretorious's Propostition


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The clip Dr pretorious's propostition from Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

I trust you will pardon this intrusion at so late an hour.
I would not have ventured to come, had I not a communication to make
which I suspect may be of the utmost importance to yourself.
This is Professor Pretorius. He used to be Doctor of Philosophy at the university.
But, uh...
But was booted out.
Booted, my dear Baron, is the word.
For knowing too much.
Henry's been very ill, Professor. He shouldn't be disturbed.
I am also a doctor, Baroness.
Why have you come here tonight?
My business with you, Baron, is private.
Elizabeth, please.
I do hope he won't upset Henry.
What do you want?
We must work together.
Never. This is outrageous.
I'm through with it. I'll have no more of this hell-spawn.
As soon as I'm well, I'm to be married, and I'm going away.
I must beg you to reconsider.
You know, do you not, that it is you, really,
who are responsible for all those murders?
There are penalties to pay for killing people.
And with your creature still at large in the countryside...
Are you threatening me?
Don't put it so crudely.
I had ventured to hope that you and I together, no longer as master and pupil,
but as fellow scientists, might probe the mysteries of life and death...
Never. No further.
...and reach a goal undreamed of by science.
I can't make any further experiments. I've had a terrible lesson.
That is sad, very sad.
But you and I have gone too far to stop.
Nor can it be stopped so easily.
I also have continued with my experiments.
That is why I am here tonight.
You must see "my" creation.

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