The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005): Getting Advice from Cal


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Thank you very much. You're welcome.
Thank you. Thanks.
Andy, I owe you an apology, man.
I wasn't very nice to you for the past two-and-a-half years.
You were nice to me.
No, I was... I thought you were really boring and...
I kind of thought you were a serial killer.
I'm not joking.
Look, you shouldn't listen to Dave and Jay, okay?
Those guys are crazy. You should listen to me, okay?
Look, there is a hot-ass girl who works right there.
There she is, in the bookstore. You should ask her out, man.
Something wrong with her underpants.
Yeah, they're not in my mouth.
You know, I kind of...
like the woman from the eBay store.
That's great, but...
you're not gonna get with anyone...
unless you play the odds on this, man.
You need to plant a lot of seeds.
It's like this. When I was growing pot, I realized...
that the more seeds I planted... Thank you.
...the more pot I could ultimately smoke.
I think I have all the advice that I can handle right now.
Don't get bitter.
I'm not bitter. I almost lost a nipple, okay?
The problem most men have is...
they just plain straight up have no clue how to talk to women.
Just ask a question, okay? That's it.
Because women do not care about what you have to say...
at all anyway, you know.
And all they want to do is talk about themselves.
So you're just gonna let them do that.
Okay? So remember.
Questions, be cool, and be kind of a dick.
Here, be David Caruso in Jade.
Okay. I know exactly what you're talking about.
You do. That's good.

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