The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005): Partying


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The clip partying from The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005) with Romany Malco, Steve Carell

Unbelievable. Come on, give him some credit, man.
The man pulled a number.
It's just... I was in... I can't believe that happened.
What you did with you's own hand.
Man, she just gave me her number.
That's great, man. I'm telling you, love is a mysterious fig.
It is.
Okay, here's a question. When should I call her?
You like her? Yeah.
You definitely don't want to call her.
When is the next Olympics?
So what you just got to do is...
just get you a bunch of these hood rats...
run through them, just knock them out.
Boom, boom, boom.
And once you've done slayed like 20, 30 of them hood rats...
now you ready to go up to the upper echelon type ho.
You know what I mean? I'm not a big ho runner.
My uncle used to drive a ho runner.
Screw these analogies. What he's saying is...
you are going to be so bad at sex the first time...
you don't want to have sex with someone you like...
'cause they'll think you're a weirdo for being so lame at it.
You want to have sex with hood rats first...
so that by the time you get to the girl you do like...
you're not terrible at sex, you'll be mediocre at it.
Probably still pretty bad, though.
Let's put it up for my man for pulling that number.
Way to go, man. Politicked his ass off.
You did politic. Thanks a lot.
Like a train, round the bend. You ready?

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