10,000 BC (2008): The Yagahl's Crisis


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The clip The Yagahl's crisis from 10,000 BC (2008)

Only time can teach us what is truth and what is legend.
Some truths do not survive the ages.
But the legend of the child with the blue eyes will live forever...
...and be whispered in all four winds of the Great White Mountains.
We, the Yagahl, were hunters of the mightiest of all beasts...
...the Mannak.
But our world began to change.
The Mannaks came later and later to our valley...
...and there were times when they did not come at all.
Our hunters grew restless.
And our people grew hungry.
Only one amongst us...
...the one we call "Old Mother," the last of her kind...
...only she could speak to the spirits of the earth...
...and ask the wisdom of the Fathers to save our people.
Many times she asks...
...until one night they answered her call and sent us a sign.
A sign of the beginning of the end.

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