The Burbs (1989): Arguing About Neighboors and Laziness


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The clip arguing about neighboors and laziness from The burbs (1989) with Carrie Fisher

We got an arms dealer across the street and a crazy person down it.
All they do is fight.
Is this sweet enough?
Now these new next-door neighbours... What is their name?
The Klopeks?
Is that a Slavic name?
I don't know.
They've been here a month. Think they're gonna do something about their yard?
Are you gonna eat any of this?
Oh, no. I got that thing with my stomach again.
I wonder what was going on over there last night.
I knew this was gonna happen.
What did you know was going to happen?
It's started already. Look at you.
You're gonna sit around all week doing nothing...
get bored out of your mind and go back to work worse than you are now.
No, I'm not.
Please, let's pack up the car and go to the lake. Just get away and rest.
You should see yourself. You were up at dawn watching a dog poop.
You call going up to the lake resting?
It is four hours of driving on the tollway in holiday traffic...
to sit in some dank, wet cabin...
and wait for that neighbour with the enormous head...
to get drunk and fall down.
He's a hydrocephalic. I don't think that you should make fun of him.
Honey, that's not my idea of restful.
This is restful: Hanging around the house, just being lazy.
That's what I want to do. I just wanna... hang around.
Be lazy, listen to the ball game...
and drink a couple hundred beers.
Smoke an occasional cigar... outside.
I'll fix the barbecue in the backyard. I'll do that.
This is what I need, Carol. I need... this.
And at the end of the week, I'll be a brand new human being.
It's your vacation.

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