The Burbs (1989): Breaking in


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The clip breaking in from The burbs (1989) with Rick Ducommun, Tom Hanks

It's really getting hot out here.
Yeah. Yeah, it is getting hot, Art.
Why don't you dig one of your own holes, huh?
I was just checking this one. Besides, the radio... I was monitoring...
This is turning out to be a lot more work than we thought it was gonna be.
Why don't we check the house? It's probably a lot cooler in there.
That's a good idea. Let's try the house.
We'll start in the basement.
We'll start in the basement and just work our way up.
Ray, I'm thinking the reason we didn't find anything in the backyard...
is because they probably weren't burying anybody in the backyard.
They were digging bodies up and they probably buried them in the basement.
That's a possibility, Art.
I say we start in the kitchen. They probably got some cold beer in there.
Or some knockwurst or something. I'm starving.
It's locked.
Hey, give me a credit card.
Where did you learn how to do that?
I don't know how to do this.
Ah, it's a shit store anyway.
Ray, do the words "breaking and entering" mean anything to you?
Hey, Mr Rumsfield! Hey, yo, man!
I wanted to introduce you to my friend.
This is Steve Kuntz.
Hey, dude.
He's here to watch the show this afternoon.

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