The Burbs (1989): Taking Electricity out


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The clip taking electricity out from The burbs (1989) with Rick Ducommun, Tom Hanks

Yo, Steve-man. What's the haps, dude?
You gotta come down here today. It's gonna be live.
No, you've got to.
Something's about to happen. I can't tell you.
Are you sure you know what you're doing, Art?
There's a lot of juice going through those wires.
You hit the wrong one, you're a Post Toastie.
Electricity is our friend.
Besides, we wanna take out their alarms, don't we?
I was thinking we could bypass the fence altogether and find another way in.
No one knows how many trip alarms they have in there.
No, I can take out everything they've got with one clip of the snips.
Right, Captain?
Siren mode.
Pretty neat, eh?
I can raise all the police channels...
and the power company channels on this baby.
Be careful up there, Art.
It's okay, Ray.
We gotta get going though. We're burning daylight here.
Hey, where should we start diggin' once we get over there?
We start in the backyard, then check the basement.
Be careful up there. Go slow, huh?
Hey, safety is my middle name.
I thought his middle name was Louis.
Are you sure you're all right up there?
I don't know that he knows what he's doing.
Well, why didn't you go up there?
It's very high.
Oh, Jesus!
Jesus Christ! Get an ambulance on that thing!
I'm okay. I'm all right.
Ow! God!

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