The Burbs (1989): Argument About Vacation


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The clip argument about vacation from The burbs (1989)

I'm calling the Delvaneys and having them open the cottage.
No, Carol. I don't want to go to the cottage.
Fine. Then Dave and I will go and you can stay here and spy.
Oh, all right. Okay.
What? What? Are you sulking now?
No, go up to the cottage!
Take Dave and go to the cottage. Leave me to pad around the house.
"Pad around the house"? All you do is pal around the neighbourhood...
That's my vacation.
With those two chuckleheads.
I am very, very worried about you.
You're acting like...
What am I acting like, Carol?
Like a guy who's on vacation!
Like this!
This is not someone on vacation!
See? I sleep late!
Get a tan then!
In my pyjamas?
Fix the barbecue! I don't know!
Look, look!
You go to the cottage and get a tan! Take David with you!
I don't care! I'll eat takeout! I'll do the laundry myself!
I'll vacuum the house! It'll be spotless!
Art's throwing garbage all over the street.
Your mom and I are having a conversation! If you... What?
Get out of the truck! Are you nuts?

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