The Burbs (1989): Story About Killer Neighboors


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The clip story about killer neighboors from The burbs (1989) with Carrie Fisher, Tom Hanks

If we had gone to the lake, I'd have twice as many of these.
It isn't like anything you said is coming true.
Where are you going?
I can't walk away without you asking where I'm going?
I'm going to Paris, France. I'm going to Banff, Canada, all right?
That's where I'm going.
Are you taking the dog?
Yeah, yeah. I'm taking the dog for a walk.
No, wait, wait, wait.
Hey, Vince, let's go over here, huh?
Let's not go that way tonight.
Here's a nice yard. It's a good yard.
Hey, you with the dog!
Hey, keep that mutt off my lawn, will ya?
All right. Have a field day.
He comes here to smoke cigars. His wife won't let him. He doesn't know I know that.
Hi, Ray. How ya doin', bud?
Hey, there, Mr Peterson.
Good to see you.
Wouldn't need a lighter, would you?
It is a lovely night, isn't it?
Yeah, green sky tonight.
Green sky at morning: Neighbour take warning.
Green sky at night?
Neighbour take flight.
Did you ever see the movie The Sentinel, Mr Peterson?
It's about the old guy who owned the apartment...
which is kind of like the gateway to hell.
No, I didn't see that.
Oh, well, I was doing some thinking.
And, you know, being that their last house burned down and all...
it's like, maybe, somebody left the gate open.
It's them. They're movin' around again.
It was a night just like this that it happened.

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