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The clip archives from In the Name of the Father (1993) with Emma Thompson

Well, I think they ought to take the word "compassion"...
out of the English dictionary.
They fouled the ball, Gareth.
They fouled the fucking ball, and they're as guilty as sin.
Believe me, if there�s one thing I know about, it's guilt.
Keep looking 'em in the eye, and it's gonna reveal itself.
You have to keep up the pressure.
Do what you have to do.
Free the Four! Free the Four!
Those were meant to be here three weeks ago.
"The Parade of Innocence. " What do you think?
Thousands of people lined the streets of Dublin...
London and Liverpool today in demonstrations...
demanding the release of the Guildford Four.
Questions have been raised...
Say good night to Daddy.
Good night, Dad.
Good night, son.
Free the Four! Free the Four!
This was a mistake.
Why don't we let her see the files?
What harm could it do?
Mr Dixon!
Don't you get tired of this?
This is a court order that I be allowed to see the Giuseppe Conlon case files.
Good morning.
There are a few rules to be observed.
Here's a complete list of the Conlon, Giuseppe case files...
the only files you'll need to see.
I'll go to the file drawer and bring it out.
You take a page at a time, read it and then return it.

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