In the Name of the Father (1993): the Appeal Part 2


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The clip the appeal Part 2 from In the Name of the Father (1993) with Tom Wilkinson, Denys Hawthorne

You got 15 years of blood and sweat and pain from my client...
whose only crime was that he was Irish...
and foolish, and he was in the wrong place at the wrong time!
Mrs Peirce, I will have you removed from the court.
And one of your colleagues, My Lord...
who sat where you sit now said, "It is a pity...
you were not charged with treason to the Crown...
a charge that carries a penalty of death by hanging...
a sentence I would have no difficulty in passing in this case. "
Mrs Peirce, I am trying to read this document.
I will not tell you again to be silent...
or you will be removed from the court.
My Lord, this document...
brings the entire British legal system into disrepute.
My Lord, this is new evidence.
It is shocking new evidence.
My Lord, this evidence...
was not submitted at the trial that is under appeal.
That, I believe, is the point Mrs Peirce is trying to make.

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