In the Name of the Father (1993): Get on Sheep


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The clip get on sheep from In the Name of the Father (1993)

He'll do no growing up in England, Giuseppe.
No family life there.
Oh, give over, Ma.
I'm gonna miss the boat. What's that?
Sausages for your Aunt Annie.
Jesus Christ, Ma!
Here you are, son.
Here, let me do that.
All right, I'm ready. Where are you going?
I'll walk with you.
Do you not trust me to get on the boat?
I'm sure I'll be back when I'm a millionaire, Gran.
Good luck. God bless.
I love you, son.
Cheerio, Gerry.
Behave yourself, Ann.
Cheerio, Gerry.
Bye, Bridie.
He's gone now forever.
I'll be surprised if he lasts a month.
Did I ever tell you the time I jumped ship?
Jumped overboard about 200 yards out to sea...
swam back to this godforsaken place.
Why did you swim back?
There was a woman involved.
Oh, aye?
It was when I was healthy, before you were born.
What was her name?
Aye, you know her name. You know your own mother's name.
Sarah. Sarah Maguire she was.
Then she had the misfortune to change it to Conlon.
Boarding all passengers.
All second-class passengers boarding now.

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