The Andromeda Strain (1971): Helicopter


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The clip helicopter from The Andromeda Strain (1971) with Arthur Hill, James W. Gavin

Piedmont approaching, gentlemen.
Go over and give us a look first, Dempsey.
I was afraid of that.
The birds'll eat the infected flesh, and then fly off and spread the disease.
If it is a disease.
Drop the gas canisters. Someone's supposed to be alive down there!
Somebody did something. That's for sure.
Let's give it a double dose.
That gas will only kill the birds.
Okay, Dempsey, hover over the main street and drop the ladder.
Do not attempt to land. Is that clear?
Roger. Clearer all the time.
When we climb down, lift off to 1,000 feet and hover at a safe distance.
And come back when we signal. If anything happens to us, you have your orders.
Yes, sir. Proceed directly to Wildfire and then...
If we're eliminated, the aircraft and pilot will have to be sterilized.
Wait a minute!
That's not what they told me. Just incinerated.

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