The Andromeda Strain (1971): Get Message Part 2

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The clip get message Part 2 from The Andromeda Strain (1971) Why Andromeda? [Leavitt] Andromeda's our... S...
The clip get message Part 2 from The Andromeda Strain (1971) Why Andromeda? [Leavitt] Andromeda's our... Stone! "Directive 7-12 has not been acted upon. Alternative directive 7-11 now in effect." They didn't drop the bomb! It's an M.C.N. Transmission sent yesterday. Idiots! Put me through to Dr. Robertson. In work, sir. Burke, you didn't special alert an M.C.N. Message to us. There haven't been any, sir. The bell didn't ring... Don't argue, damn it! I've got one in my hand. Well, well. About time we heard from you. There has been a communications foul-up. Never mind that now. Why hasn't that bomb been dropped on Piedmont? The decision on 7-12 isn't final. It was just postponed 48 hours. By then the disease could spread into a worldwide epidemic. It's because of rash statements like that the president doesn't trust scientists. Warn the president it may already be too late. Stay on his back, Robbie. You've got to make him call a 7-12. Can you get me another appointment tonight, Grimes? Now let's all just keep our heads screwed on. Any thoughts about the Phantom crash? We sent you a couple messages on it. A Phantom jet strayed over the cordoned area around Piedmont. Any other information? Well, the pilot said... that all the rubber on the plane was dissolving. His last communication was pretty weird. Like he was crazy? He was mighty confused, that's for sure. Robbie, it's your job to get the president to activate a 7-12 immediately. If he doesn't, there's no guarantee anyone west of Piedmont will be alive in the morning. Simmer down, Professor. I'll wake the boss. But General Sparks says the crash was just a fluke. Forget the crash, Robbie. Stay on that 7-12 and get back to me. We'll be working around the clock.