The Andromeda Strain (1971): the Party


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The clip the party from The Andromeda Strain (1971) with John Carter

We'd like to see Dr. Jeremy Stone, please.
Well, I'm Mrs. Stone. We are having a party. May l...
Does that man have a gun?
Ma'am, we must see Dr. Stone.
What is this?
Please call Dr. Stone to the door. Otherwise we'll go get him.
Just a minute.
I'll just wait here, ma'am.
I'll come to Berkeley anytime, Stone.
That $4 million must be your largest federal grant.
May I see you, Jeremy?
The S.D.S. Has arrived no doubt.
Jeremy, there are some Army types in the hall and two more outside with guns.
They want to see you. I'll take care of it.
Jeremy! If you knew about this, you might've told...
I didn't. I'll explain later.
I'm Dr. Stone.
Yes. I'm Captain Morton.
There's a fire, sir.
I've got to leave.
For God's sakes, Jeremy! When will you be back?
I'm not sure. The guns, is it...
Mrs. Stone, it's ourjob to protect your husband.
From now on, nothing must be allowed to happen to him.
I'll be safe as in your arms.
Jeremy? Jeremy!

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