The Andromeda Strain (1971): Analize Andromeda Part 2


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The clip analize andromeda Part 2 from The Andromeda Strain (1971) with Arthur Hill, Kate Reid

Defensive. It's just a scenario.
That's not the point, for God's sake!
Wildfire was built for germ warfare!
Wildfire and Scoop. And you knew, Stone. You knew it!
That's not true, Ruth. I learned about Scoop the same time you did.
They already have Andromeda programmed.
The purpose of Scoop was to find new biological weapons in outer space,
and then use Wildfire to develop them. It stinks!
You're blowing your tops. We have no proof.
The map! Don't be an ass.!
That map only shows what Andromeda could do in the hands of an enemy.
Enemy? We did it to ourselves.
Perhaps, but this is hardly the time to organize a protest.
Another giant leap for mankind!
I wish I could believe you.
Whether you do or not, the only important thing now is to find the antidote.
Let's get on with it, Charlie.
Test the cultured organisms for biologic potency.
All right, I'll run them against a rat in autopsy.
I want to seal up the capsule. Watch it.
Andromeda's altered. Its effect might be radically different.
I'll try to get us a photo of the mutated form.

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