The Andromeda Strain (1971): Analize Andromeda


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The clip analize andromeda from The Andromeda Strain (1971) with Arthur Hill, David Wayne

All the molecules appear to be the same.
Yes. Andromeda isn't composed of different substances...
like a normal cell.
All the subunits are the same.
Damndest thing I've ever s... Boy, a single substance.
Then how the hell does it operate?
How does anything so simple utilize energy for growth?
No way of telling from that structure.
Yes, there is. With this new data,
we can get a computerized version of how Andromeda functions.
They're not uniform. Could be mutations.
What the devil? [Stone] 601?
The computer's overloaded! Too much data coming in too fast.
Dividing and mutating at the same time?
And nothing to stop it.
Normal Earth checks and balances don't exist for it.
We'd better get a biomath mapping of its new growth potential and spread.
According to this, there'll be a supercolony...
of Andromeda over the entire Southwest...
Jeremy, these are biological warfare maps.
Why, yes, so they are.
Oh, but simulations, Charlie.

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