The Andromeda Strain (1971): Analysis Part 2


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The clip analysis Part 2 from The Andromeda Strain (1971)

Without chemical reactions there can't be life,
yet it grows, reproduces... Wait.!
The infection at Piedmont has been stopped by the bomb.
We're secure at Wildfire. We have everything we need to achieve a breakthrough.
All we have to do is attack this problem like any other in science.
You could spend years working on a thing like that without solving its structure.
But when you do, there'll be some red faces around. It could change everything.
Ruth, since Kirke isn't here, you take over the growth program in microbiology.
We're halfway home if we find out what will keep that from growing.
Charlie, you work with me on the E.M. Hall... All right.
Let me get back to my patients. I'm sure they were protected by the same thing:
Some simple mechanism I just don't recognize yet.
There's got to be something that the old man and baby have in common.
Oh, Hall?
Five minutes. You told me before.
Yes, we wouldn't want you to get too far from the substation now.

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