Three O'clock High (1987): Giving a Book Report


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The clip giving a book report from Three O'clock High (1987) with Casey Siemaszko

All right.
We're going to try and get through as many book reports as we can today.
Are there any volunteers?
Jerry. All right. Go ahead.
Let me ask you a question.
Why am I standing here?
I mean, the whole point of books is that you read them.
Uh, the minute you start telling people about them. That means they didn't read them.
Which means that book reports contribute to illiteracy, which is a real social problem.
Jerry, did you actually read a book?
Would you gimme a break? Well, could we...
I'm tryin' to make a point here.
You don't think I could tell you about a book I read?
Is that what you think?
Jerry. The book.
Fine. The book.
Honey Goes to Hollywood.
It's a good read.
angry, sexual.

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