Three O'clock High (1987): Talking About New Kid at School


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The clip talking about new kid at school from Three O'clock High (1987)

I'm telling you, this new guy's supposed to be a total psycho.
I heard he broke another kid's neck at his last school.
He got kicked off the football team for pulling a knife on a coach.
All the coach did was grab him, and the guy goes nuts!
This guy's coming to our school? Today.
After he broke that kid's neck, they tried to throw him in jail.
The judge let him off. This guy ought to be locked up.
Did you hear what he did at Lincoln? They were supposed to be dissecting these sand sharks.
He refused to do it. He said sharks were his favorite animal.
Great. A psychotic shark lover. So the teacher grabs him...
and tries to take him to the office.
The teacher didn't know the guy was a touch freak. Touch freak?
Yeah. He doesn't like to be touched by anybody.
Put the teacher in the hospital for three days.
Just because he touched him? This guy is definitely on tilt. Guys!
That's not even the whole story. After he duked the science teacher,
they send the dude into Continuation.
On the first day, he got into a fight with the three baddest dudes.
Seriously totaled their asses... at the same time!
Have you heard about his brass knuckles? Brass knuckles?
Yeah. Uses them on special occasions. He hit that Continuation dude... hard his nose flew off his face. Seriously?
Totally serious. He's also got this thing about being touched.
I heard he broke a guy's neck just because he touched him.
Because he touched him? He didn't like to be touched.
That's completely weird. Does this guy play football?
No. Good.
Used to. Remember the guy who pulled a knife on his coach? Yeah.
That's him. Jesus.
He was in Continuation. He took a swing at one of his teachers.
These guys aren't your average history types. They're like ex-cops.
I heard they carry guns. He came here from Continuation?
Uh-huh. That's why they call it Continuation:
so you can continue murdering people and still graduate.
What's this guy's name, anyway?

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