Three O'clock High (1987): Talking to Dean of Discipline Part 2


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The clip talking to dean of discipline Part 2 from Three O'clock High (1987)

in my entire career as a disciplinarian, Jerry.
But it's true.
Hello, Bill. Voytek. Did you receive a note regarding the contents...
of Buddy Revell's locker?
All right. Thanks.
They haven't found a note anywhere near his office.
Jerry Mitchell's file, Mr. D.
Thank you, Eva.
This can't be right.
Not one single unexcused absence in three years?
That's very hard to believe.
I'm telling you the truth, sir. I wouldn't leave school without a good reason.
I'm not quite sure what's going on here, Mitchell.
But I want you to understand something. I've dealt with students like you before.
You put on a good front for a couple of years,
and suddenly you think you can get away with bloody murder.
I'm going to be watching you...
from now on.
And if I hear even a peep from you,
be assured your college acceptance boards will hear from me.
Do I make myself clear?
Yes, sir. Yes.

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