Three O'clock High (1987): Planting Weapon in Buddy's Locker


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The clip planting weapon in buddy's locker from Three O'clock High (1987)

46, 32, 15.
Uh... 46, 32, 15. 46, 32, 15
Vince, what are you doing? This is Buddy Revell's locker. I know.
What's 46, 32, 15?
His combination.
Vince, stop.
Calm down. I got a plan. I want you to stop!
What kind of a plan? This plan.
You want me to stab him? Are you crazy? Of course not.
I'm gonna plant this sucker in his locker. Then I'm gonna leave a note on O'Rourke's desk.
They find the blade, Buddy's out of the school before lunch.
How'd you get the combination? I memorized it while you were talking in the hall.
I guess he doesn't plan on doing much homework.
Vince, close the locker.
What the hell are you doing? Saving your ass?
Open it. Open the damn locker and get the knife out. Now!
What's your problem? This plan is gonna work.
Besides, I already planted the note in O'Rourke's desk.
Don't you get it? He'll know that we were involved. He'll know that I planted it.
Who else wants him kicked out of school as much as me? You know what?
I think you're getting just a little paranoid.
You see that clock?
Mm-hmm. We have about one minute to get that knife out of there...
before this hallway's full of people, including Buddy Revell!
Okay, maybe you're right.
Um, what was that combination again?
You just said it six million times.
Um, I remember it. Uh...
We've got 30 seconds.
Twenty seconds.
Ten seconds.
You wouldn't happen to remember the last number?
Vince, don't do this to me. Five seconds!

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