Deep Water (2006): Isolation


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The clip Isolation from Deep Water (2006)

Swinton: As Crowhurst sailed away from land,
the other sailors were coming round the Horn
and racing north for Europe and home.
Bernard Moitessier had now been alone at sea
for nearly six months.
And the isolation was beginning to affect him profoundly.
Bernard: After Cape Horn, I felt I knew
I didn't want to come back.
You see, it didn't seem worth it.
I could feel it.
I didn't say so to anyone.
I didn't dare to.
I hardly dared admit it to myself.
Bernard: Around the world without stopping...
eight months alone, completely alone,
with all that the entails,
it had never been done before.
Everything revolved around that word, "alone"...
the nervous tension, the food, the exhaustion,
my whole outlook.
Things which mattered at the start,
didn't matter at all.
The rules of the game had changed now.
The rules within me had changed.
Donald: *' I'm drunk, you circum... *'
*' You silly old circum... *'
*' You're as drunk as a circumnavigator can be! *'
Hey, I'll tell you something.

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