Deep Water (2006): Tetley Sinks Part 2


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The clip Tetley Sinks Part 2 from Deep Water (2006)

who would punish me if I was naughty.
By the time I was 20,
I decided there was no reason to expect
any assistance from God...
if he existed at all.
Man was evading his responsibility
by constantly looking to God...
for assistance.
The cosmic integral,
the sum of man...
adds up to nothing."
Swinton: In the days after Tetley's sinking,
Crowhurst repeatedly tried to get a call through to Clare.
But his radio transmitter was failing.
Donald: If you are, I will come back to...
Simon: The transmitter failing at that point
was something that plagued him.
He became almost obsessed with fixing it.
He wanted to talk to my mother.
Donald: Mike-Zulu-Uniform-Whiskey calling GBC-3.
I have heard nothing. I have heard nothing.
Clare: I think he just wanted human contact
that he felt would be warm and responsive,
whatever he had to say.
Donald: Mike-Zulu-Uniform-Whiskey calling.
Clare: He could have trusted me...
but there was nothing he could do.
Donald: "There are close similarities
between sailing a small boat and living.
You start off unprepared,
a long journey ahead of you that you think will never end.
And you go through a series of triumphs and disasters.
And suddenly you realize
what's done is done.
The mistakes you've made stand forever."

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