Deep Water (2006): The Third Option


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The clip The Third Option from Deep Water (2006)

Winspear: Every time he woke up,
it was the same problem.
He got no peace.
He couldn't walk away from it.
If he came back, he was ruined.
If he went forward, he was dead.
Is there a third option?
There was a third option...
a very interesting third option.
Kerr: Suddenly, everything changed.
Now we were all excited.
Here was a man who was going so slowly,
and now he was setting record speeds.
People who had been cynical, people who had been disinterested
felt differently now.
Simon: We just had this enormous confidence in my father.
He could do what he set out to achieve.
And then suddenly, there he was,
and it was really coming true.
This is vindication on a grand scale.
243 miles in one day...
the new sailing record.
And of course, Rodney is, "Yes, I've always believed in my boy,"

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