Deep Water (2006): The Race Invented


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The clip The Race Invented from Deep Water (2006)

Ted Hynds: It was this new Elizabethan age.
It was the Beatles. It was sexual freedom...
freedom of the seas.
It caught the imagination.
Announcer: Francis Chichester aboard Gipsy Moth IV
is now in sight of home.
He's merely 15 miles from Plymouth,
at the end of his epic round-the-world voyage.
Thousands of people have been pouring into the city.
They're waiting for their first glimpse of a man
who set out nine months and 33,000 miles ago.
Hynds: There were signs, there was noise.
It was mayhem. You stood and watched
and let it wash over you.
Chichester had done a single-handed circumnavigation
and brought his vessel back home.
Stirring stuff, boys-only stuff.
Hynds: Chichester had started the ball rolling.
People were looking for "What was the new challenge?
What's the next frontier?"
Robin Knox-Johnston: Chichester stopped halfway.
He pulled into Australia and did quite-serious refits.
I thought, "That's it. One thing left to be done...
go around the world, single-handed, but nonstop."
Hynds: The general public got into the spirit of it,
and newspapers as well.

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