Deep Water (2006): The Sea Widows


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The clip The Sea Widows from Deep Water (2006)

Simon: Around Christmastime,
my father managed to get through on the telephone
to my mother.
He couldn't tell her the problems that he was facing.
She thought he was doing well,
and that her job was to convince him that she was coping.
They were trying to protect each other.
We tried to have a good Christmas,
but there was still a great sense of something missing.
Clare: I remember one of the children
sitting on the staircase crying
that he wanted his daddy.
And that...
I think brought it home to me
what a dreadful thing we had done.
Donald: "There is a spirituality about this place,
and about the time... Christmas...
that does tend to make one a little bit melancholy.
And one thinks of one's friends and family,
and you know that they're thinking of you.
And the sense of separation
is somehow increased
by the loneliness."
Man: What about the children? How are they reacting?
Clare: They're all right.
They're healthy enough about it.
One of them has nightmares, and this is a bit worrying.
He walks in his sleep
and he shouts and he sees his father.
And because he can't... he sees him,
but he can't communicate with him,
and he can't feel the warmth of his personality about,
he worries about this, of course.

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