Deep Water (2006): Crowhurst's Bad Start Part 3


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The clip Crowhurst's Bad Start Part 3 from Deep Water (2006)

Can you bring the dinghy around this side?
Clare: The BBC people were watching it.
You could see that they saw that this wasn't how it should be.
Kerr: I told the cameraman,
"This is a voyage that's not gonna happen.
It's not gonna succeed.
Just film what is really happening... film the chaos of it all."
Which he did.
With three or four days to go,
there was so much still to be done
by so many different people
who got in each other's way.
He had lost track of what was happening on his boat.
Of course you realize I've got to have the equipment tonight.
It won't be on the boat if it's not put on tonight.
At that stage, people were beginning to say to him,
"Are you sure everything's all right?
Have you really considered what you're doing?"
Kerr: He was getting more and more exhausted
and more rattled.
He was bright and cheerful for the interviews,
but the minute the cameras stopped
his face dropped.
Interviewer: 'Cause they sense that it's a personal story.
And if I can ask you... do you feel you're up against it
with the time limit?
I don't think there are too many things
that are of any importance that remain undone.
most of it is... is taken care of.
And I think that...
I'm not lacking in any great...
You know, there's nothing essential that's missing.

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