Deep Water (2006): The Contenstants of 1968 Part 2


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The clip The Contenstants of 1968 Part 2 from Deep Water (2006)

Hynds: They were proper seamen, experienced sailors,
and then...
there was the mystery man: Don Crowhurst.
Interviewer: What sort of attitude of mind
does a single-handed sailor have to have?
I think one's psychology has to be fairly stable...
and one has to be constantly aware
of the risks one is running,
(horn pulls)
Nee... need not necessarily be much greater.
I just thought, "It's too enormous to take on something"...
I thought... I didn't give it some serious thought.
But there is a moment
when an opportunity arises,
and if you don't grasp it,
that's it.
The first time I saw him,
we were at a party at my flat.
I thought what a wonderfully warm,
vigorous and lively person he was.
I had a red dress on, and he immediately said,
"Who's husband did you arrive with?"
He started telling my fortune,
and he said, "You're going to marry an impossible man,
but you're going to be greatly loved."
That was a ploy, I'm sure.
He may have used it with several others.
But it worked.

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